wwconflicts.pngI don't want to be perceived as a basic anti-american person, but if the guys they interview on this video are so called "sampling frame" of the average american people, they, and we, have serious problems as they may be totally unable to understand why less and less people like them (or rather the policy conducted by their elected government and what/who is really behind).

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I wonder how come they have so little knowledge about geography, History and above all, what's going on these days around the world. They still have plenty good news papers such the New-York Times or the Washington Post which are far better than any TV channel and in particular Fox News.

Scary no ?

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2 Responses to “History classes & International Press in USA ?”
  1. dubuc says:

    But well, ask the same questions to French lower class TF1 viewers… You might get the same kind of answers… ;-)

  2. Cedric says:

    French got special training by Coluche with some useful questions :

    Quel âge avait Rimbaux ?
    (how old was Rimbaux)

    Quelle est la différence entre un pigeon ?
    (what’s the difference between a pigeon)

    Youri Popov a sauté 2.10 pouvez-vous dire “mieux” ? (Youri Popov has jumped 2.10m, can you say “better”)

    And last but not least… which color was Napoleon’s white horse ?

    With such popular heritage they should perform quite better. Don’t you think so ?