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aerosol.JPGI found yesterday an ad about another product made to shield your face (or at least the face of these "beautiful people")… this make me laugh as I'm not sure how they will convinced large amount of users to apply them.

  • The first spray is the"expertise 3P" made by Clarins which protects skin from the ageing effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves (sic!). The Magnetic Defense Complex (Rhodiola Rosea + Thermus Thermophillus) – Reinforces skin's resistance to the harmful effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves.

    Apparently it's a large frequency spectrum product as they do not precise the frequency range which is concerned but it works according Clarins on artificial radio waves…but will certainly not refrain your cellphone to warm your brain cells…as the lotion seems to be done for facial usage only.

  • The second spray intends to guarantee your privacy while facing photographer. Blur anti-photography spray and its highly reflective nanoparticles reflect the flashbulbs of peeping and stalking photographers. They blind camera sensors and whiten part of the image.

    The description speaks for itself, but I wonder if both can be used together as our friends "The Stars" may become totally addicted to both lotions.

    Tinfoil.jpgIf not, they may use an older product, widely available and invented more thatAluminumfoil.jpg Century ago which surely protect from both paparazzi and electromagnetic waves. The Aluminium foil Cool

Sources : We Make Money not Art, Clarins, Snoops

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