fortaled.JPGIs the Thomas Edison 1881 invention, one of the most successful invention of the 19th Century, will disappear soon due to its high consumption ? 

Today the World starts to wake up and governments finally show some concern about our ever growing power consumption and all its side effects. This may indicate that time has come for the incandescent bulb to retire. It exists, for many years now, some economical lighting alternatives (fluorescent ) to the incandescent bulb but most of them were not really welcome into our living areas (living room, bed room, etc..) due to the livid bluer color and their acquisition cost.

Then the LED (light-emitting diode) finally jumped out of electronics equipments and started to invade the streets (traffic lights, flashlights, bicycle, etc..). They may replace soon all incandescent and halogen bulbs we still have at home. Brasil and Venezuela have started the phasing out of incandescent lightning and Australia wants to get totally rid of them by 2010.

During "LED EXPO and FPD KOREA 2007" MK Electronics presented its LED lighting 'Lumi-Forta' which can present more 512 colors via remote controller.

In comparison with other bulbs the LED, once its price will be reduce, have lots of advantages

                               Incandescent     Fluorescent     LED 

Lifetime               ~3'000 hrs         ~10'000 hrs     >30'000 hrs
Input Power         60-100 W          20-50 W          7 W      
Temperature        60°C                 45°C               38°C
Color Change        n/a                   n/a                up to 512 pattern
Bright Control       external             n/a                10 steps
Main Issue           Input Power        Recycling        Unit price

Sources : Mkhunics, Ubergizmo, Wikipedia lumiforta.jpg

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2 Responses to “A real alternative to incandescent light bulbs ?”
  1. Rita says:

    I am looking for some of those LED light bulbs so I can save some money. They are so cool, and they are good for the environment as well. I’m going to have to do some price comparisons online for them.

  2. Cedric says:

    It exists plenty places where to buy LED lamps. Most of them are made in China but they should be available to local reseller or via online shops.

    Personaly I bought some at Future Lightning (China) for testing purpose.