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One for All” URC-8350 universal remote control has a “something different” than other remote controls.

You can control up to 4 different Audio-Video devices but with the dedicated Green Energy Saving button you can even switch off all your AV standby functions at once.

Doing so you can save over 90% of standby power consumption.

  • Switch off all your devices from Standby with a single button press
  • Ready-to-use energy saving button + On/Off Power Plug
  • Universal remote control, controlling up to 4 devices including TV (Plasma LCD, Projector), DVD, Sat/Cable/DVB-T and surround sound AMP

More details:

  • Expandable with OneForAll On/Off Power Plugs
  • Future Proof Remote – wireless upgrades of any new device code
  • Multiple commands by pressing just one macro-key
  • Learning function for easy addition of original remote functions
  • Uses 2 normal AAA batteries (could be replaced by Eneloop rechargeable ones)
French website GinjFo published a complete test of this remote and demonstrates the financial and environmental impact of such remote.
  • 4 tested AV equipments in standy mode 19 hours/day equal, for a year to:
    - 42.5 Watts of electrical consumption
    - 50.86 US dollar
    - 15.62 kg of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • When they are switched off, using the Energy Saver remote control, the results appear like this :
    - 0.6 Watt of electrical consumption
    - 0.72 US dollar
    - 0.22 kg of CO2
So, if 10 millions households connect their AV system through it, it will just save  per year
  • 419 MegaWatts of electrical consumption
  • 501.4 millions USD
  • etc…
  • One for All and its dealers will get 500 millions of income the 1st year (unit price is about 50 USD).There is indeed a most Eco-Friendly and cheaper solution… Turn all equipments off manually. You all do that already, isn’t it ?

More : Complete Test results on GinjFo (in french), OneforAll.

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