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scooter.jpgWe all know about the most famous Chinese mode of transportation, the bicycle. Indeed with the situation is changing and the bicycle leaves more and more its place to cars & motorbikes. 

I arrived 2 days ago in Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan province. The city is growing and its 6 millions inhabitants add 200 cars on the road every single day. However in a city where a liter of petrol costs 0.50 USD and the monthly salary is less than 100 USD I wonder what is the average yearly mileage of this multitude of vehicle.

What surprised me here is that most scooters in town are electric and this idea should inspire Europe. However I have not seen how they recharge them and if the battery can easily be remove and be charged at home. I'll try to have a deeper look in the coming days .

Specifications are the following

Dimension: 1700*555*1170
N weight/ G weight: 115/136KGS
Max speed: <60Km/h
Battery: 48V/38AH Silicone
Motor Power: 1500W
Load capacity: >85Kg
Brake: Disk brak FR, drum brake RR
Mileage for one charge: 80Km
More info here

Who said that in China there are no efforts made to reduce carbon emissions ? 

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