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risk.gifInfoWorld published the 10 most common security land mines that experts say you need to avoid.

Many companies spend a small fortune and deploy a small army to secure themselves from the many security threats lurking these days. But all those efforts can come to naught when making any of these common mistakes. The results can range from embarrassing to devastating, but security experts say that all are easily avoidable.

And almost all can be done without spending one more dime.

  1. A slip of the finger reveals the company secret

  2. People give away passwords and other secrets without thinking

  3. A trusted partner ends up not being so trustworthy with your data

  4. Web-based apps can be portals to leaks and thieves

  5. Hoping the worse doesn’t happen only makes it worse

  6. Avoiding or diluting response leadership makes breaches worse

  7. Handling breach details sloppily tips off the perp

  8. Trusting "silver bullet" technology hides real threats

  9. Spending unthinkingly wastes resources you might need for important threats

  10. Don't save the wrong data

In short, weakest point in ICT technologies is always the same one… guess who ?

The full article is available here on InfoWorld

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